Welcome to Madewell Music and thank you for your interest!

Among other things I am a performing singer song writer.  I also work in the park, conservation and outdoor recreation field.  

I spend more than a little time tramping around afield and in streams and I have the good fortunate to travel a bit and see some pretty amazing parts of the world.  This influences my music and my life.

While I predominately perform in Ohio I do travel for performances.  If you would like to receive notifications of upcoming performances or my famously long update emails please sign up.

I would like to express my gratitude for all of the people who continue to support and inspire me in so many way.  I sincerely thank you and hope that I give something in return.


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Links to some of my career projects

 This is a direct link to one of my more recent projects featuring a version of Wound Too Tight:

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