Arrow Creek

In The Blink Of An Eye

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Steve Madewell


I actually started working on this tune after walking in from the barn in a driving late november rain. I had jsut been talking with Bob Hollister about the drought in Montana. The next day one of the fellow I work with was severly injured, and later that week I heard about a couple I went to school with splitting up. It all just happened.


People tend to go through life Like they are living in a dream They take each day for granted Like it doesn=t mean a thing One day something happens and they=re taken by surprise In the blink of an eye it can all pass by In the Blink of an eye your life can rearrange In the blink of an eye it may never be the same There aint no need for holding back Things are lost and things are gained It can all pass by In the blink of an eye My friend married his true love early on in life he came home at lunch one day just to see his bride She was in the neighbors arms when the door swung open wide In the blink of an eye it all passed by Chrous Big Tom was a good old boy who always worked outside One day on the loading dock as Tommy went walking by A metal shelf came crashing down and damn near took his life In the blink of an eye it all passed by Chrous All the studies tell us this old climates bound to change Everyday we go outside and think its all the same But once we cross that tipping point and the flood gates open wide In the blink of an eye it could all pass by Chrous

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