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Is This What We Have Become

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Steve Madewell


There are so many things that happened in a very brief period of time, it would be hard to relate them all in earnest. Let's just say someone asked me to forgive them for something that happened 30 years ago, while some one else was talking about how crazy we were "back then". I was doing a lot of travel at that time and I was amazed at how in a brief period there were suddenly military people walking around the airports carring guns.... and people seem to think we still have God on our side.


All the places that I have been to Singing all the songs that I have sung I never thought that in my life time This what we would become Who's that looking in the mirror Weren't we the ones just having fun Now we hide all that we lived through Can you see what we have become Bridge Can you say we were too crazy And we used up our children’s fun We'll protect them from our past vices Can you see what we've become I was raised on Christian virtues And was taught that greed was bad To never seek out confrontation Be content with what we had Bridge Are you asking for forgiveness for some wrong we might have done If you pray will it all go away Can you see what we=ve have become So we drive away our children's future In our all terrain machines no regard for the landscape Just short term economy Bridge This aint no third world country This is town where I come from With armed guards and body scanners Can you see what we have become What about all those anthems All the ones we used to sing Years ago but does it matter I guess it doesn't much to me Bridge Have things been so easy That we've forgotten where we are from Was so long ago we've lost touch and this is what we have become All the places that I have been to all the songs that I have sung I can't believe that in my life time This what we have become.

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