Arrow Creek

Miami Wind

Steve Madewell


I wrote this song while putting together a performance for a Western College of Miami Universisty reunion party. At this time I was beginning to write songs agian. I took the back roads on the drive down to a rehearsal in Dayton and was so inspired by the landscape. I wonder if the muses would still be there for me.


See that tree at the end of the lane What I thought was gone has come home again On a summer day with a lonesome wind I said good bye to a life long friend To move on And the dream was were gone It was gone I left with her so long ago For reasons now I still don’t know Pulled me on a path I'd go like a slow motion movie show It went on, on and on But this small town still looks the same I can't believe I'm here again As I look down this tree lined lane I can't help but wonder if you are home Clear stars on a moonless night With no one there but you and I With the Milky Way hanging in that sky I looked back so many times Alone All Alone But this small town still looks the same and I can see your face again I look down this tree lined lane I can’t help but wonder if you are home Dirt devil in a Miami wind Some how's brought me here again to a town full of the ghosts of friends A different life that might have been with you What could I do But the spirits here hold me dear And I still think of you It was a precious piece of time and a young love so true What made me walk away and leave it all behind Some time. I wished I knew

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