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My most recent recording project Arrow Creek is a bit of a social commentary. The stories are set within or related to the world around us. One of the subtle messages in this project is that we are not just connected to, we are a part of the natural world. All of our emotions are more meaningful and valid when viewed in this context. And this perspective can provide insight and understanding that can enrich and balance our lives. The stories in these songs are observations from a point in time and place. The production is very simple. It is a recording primarily of guitar and voice. Caroline Quine and I are singing together on several songs. She also designed the package. Bill Watson is playing both upright bass and bowed bass on a few tunes. Billy Lestock plays slide octave mandolin on “Climbâ€Â and Dave Pethel provided banjo on “In The Blink Of An Eyeâ€Â. The following are excerpts from a few reviews of the recording: Carson James: “As far as acoustic folk and Adult Contemporary releases went, Madewell was in a space all his own. Madewell emphasizes beauty and calmness, achieving an inner peace that the listeners can easily feel.â€Â Jessica Shearer: “Madewell has written some fairly powerful tunes on here. “Is This What We Have Becomeâ€Â is either a personal confession of regret or the sad transition of the baby-boomer generation from idealists to capitalists. Musically and lyrically, there is much to savor on Arrow Creek.â€Â Adam Harrington: “finds strength in its quietness; this is an album of soothing, spare unplugged arrangements but with words that carry substantial weight. It's not an introspective, depressing effort like other recent examples in this genre. Rather, Madewell is a throwback to the glory days of James Taylor and Gordon Lightfoot... This is an outstanding acoustic folk album, packed with emotion and soul.â€Â Lucinda Coyne: "Madewell loves atmosphere; the songs here breathe real air, capturing the mood and the settings of each track. There is meticulous songcraft at work."

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