Rivers and Trails - CD

Rivers and Trails, my first solo recording was done in 2002. A fishing/conservation theme with both humor and introspection flows (sic) through the CD. When I started the project I didn't want it to just be a collection of fishing songs and I actually wrote the title song with intentions of selling it to the National Parks Service Rivers and Trails Assistance Planning program as a theme song. On a whim I entered it in to a song of writing contest sponsored by VH1 and was was selected as one of the top four folk songs for the month. What a hoot! Several of the songs on this have been favorably reviewed out side of fishing camps. Honest!

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  • 12/23/2017
    The Old Firehouse Winery,  Geneva-on-the-Lake
  • 12/27/2017
    Debonne Vineyards,  Madison
  • 12/30/2017
    Debonne Vineyards,  Madison
  • 4/12/2018
    NMR and P Association,  Santa Fe
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