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Sometime I just gravitate to the porch to play some traditional tune when a thunder storm passes by. Here is a Willie Dixon Classic complete with rain, the occasional tree frog, birds and at least one low rumble.  

Steve Madewell
Stephen Madewell


This demo or scratch version was recorded on an Ipad.

It is a rewrite of a song I actually wrote years ago.  I was a finalist for a state position that I realized I didn't want.  I got the idea for the song in the lobby waiting for the final interview.  

The appointment would have required me to move to Columbus and I was living in Chardon at the time.  The original title was

"I hear its snowing in Chardon".

I always liked the story line but the melody wasn't quite right.  Several years later I stared playing around with it and let it evolve in to a different and more captivating tune.


There is a corner of Ohio

Is where I used to call home

Till I moved to this city

To find a life writing songs

I’m surrounded by buildings

I’m out walking alone

My minds’ in the country

And the town I came from


See the birds on the wire

They should be headed down south

Maybe they lost their way

Or got on a wrong route

This grey rain keeps falling

As I wonder about

I hear it’s snowing in Ohio,

I watch this cold rain pouring down


Sometimes you do

What you have to do

Some choices you make

Some are made for you

I need a moment just to stop

The time to slow down

When something gets lost

That’s when the value is found


I love the sound of the silence

When the snow’s falling down

The soft light from the shack

The boys are boiling sap down

I miss the glow of the moonlight

On the snow covered ground

I miss my life in Ohio

Not the likes of this town


There is comfort in the country

Open space all around

Not the rush of a city

Or the push of a crowd

I’m going to head back up north

If it’s the last thing I do

Find a home in the Ohio

And the life I once knew


I hear there is trouble in Ohio

I heard it last night on the news

I guess nothing stays the same

Like we want it to

I’m going to head back up north if it’s the last thing I do

Find my life in Ohio

Kick these hometown blues


Steve Madewell


Recorded on the Ipad to capture what I think is the best arrangement of this song. 

I wrote this tune after reflecting on the fact we can choose to be happy.  Often times we simply walking around waiting for something to "make" us happy...

Seems silly doesn't it, but I swear I was over forty before I made this simple realization.

I'd been sleepin on the wrong side of the bed.


Once I had my eye on That brass ring

So many crazy thoughts in my head

I woke up with the sun

I saw that dream was gone

I’d been sleeping on the wrong side

of the bed


Heartaches come and go if you let them

You can hold them tight or let them go

If you hold them all day long

Well when the day is done

What do you have there in your heart to show?


What you get and what choose to hold on to

What you hear and what is really being said

Feel the message in a song

Knowing right and doing wrong

Sleeping on the wrong side of the



Life is nothing more than you make it

It can be so good or be so bad

If something comes around you

better take it

Don’t die wishing for something

you never had

I may love you every night and

every morning

From the bottom of my heart to the

top of my head

But if the feelings gone

There is no need to linger on.

I’d just be sleeping on the wrong

side of the bed.


Life is nothing more than you make it

For every single smile there is a frown

Fly just as high as you can take it

But what goes up surely must come down

Everyday begins with a new sunrise

You don’t know what is down the path ahead

If you are feeling down and blue

You know that feel is up to you

Don’t be sleeping on the wrong side of the bed


When it seems the world is out to get you

Remember just what I said

Instead of thinking the world is wrong

Make a change and go along

Don’t be sleeping on the wrong side of the bed

Steve Madewell
Stephen Madewell


This song came to me on a grey mid December day.


Some thoughts come then they go

Some just fade away

I’ll never know

What makes one special

Take root and grow

Rain on the roof

Really coming down

An empty house

The hollow sound

Words just echo

Bouncing round and round

These vacant rooms

Why is there always

Work to do

No time for me

No time for you

When I find a bit of truth

I better write it down

And take a moment

Just a little time

Write down these words

Clear out my mind

Let this old rain tell me

Every little thing

That I should do

To find the lines that I can

Sing to you

Something old and borrowed

There’s nothing new

Hear the warm tones of this

Simple song that I share with you.

Each and everyday has a story

That can be told

A little something in the air

To catch and hold of Or just let go

We all know some fine day

We won’t be coming round anymore

Maybe I can leave a song for you to sing

When I step through that door?

Take a walk

Down by the stream

Watch the water flow like it’s all just a dream

Let the current carry all your doubts away

Until there is nothing left to do or say

Just let yourself take hold

Of the gifts

That we have today.




Steve Madewell
Steve Madewell


A few years back I put a small addition on the barn and I had to take down a pretty nice ash tree.  

When I was about 11 years old I saw lightening strike a big ash standing in a pasture.  The impact sent big slabs of wood exploding off of the tree. My buddy Chuck and I picked those pieces up and built a fire later that evening.

Since that time I have apprecieated this wood.  It burns nice, it is light, durable and has a handsome grain.  It only figured I would save the lumber from the tree I cut and put it to good use... a couple of times.

With the whole Emerald Ash Borer this lumber may become like American Elm.  Something of a memory.   


I remember very well the fall day we cut it down

The ash tree standing by the barn

We laid it on the ground


Matty came to help me out just to settle up a score

We cut the her into 8 foot logs to make this old wood floor


Charles brought his sawmill the logs we cut to boards

I stacked them up inside the barn and stored it all indoors


In the spring I went to Hartsgrove

to old Joe's drying kiln

He dried the planks we hauled them off to an Amish Mill


I picked em up and brought them home

Boards planned down so true

The clearest ash you'd ever seen was milled to tongue and groove


David cut and nailed em down and we sanded them so smooth

Coated them with Waterlox when this old floor was new


It looked so fine when we were done My God it looked so good

It was the pride of MJ's home this old floor of wood

In the summer of 2006 there came a great big flood

The water rose and when it fell

left a foot of silt and mud


Friends they came from all around to see what we might need

We had to gut the our whole house right down to studs and beams


Al and Andrew cut the nails from each and every board

I stacked it up and once again I hauled this old wood floor

Off to Ricky's Warehouse, on the other end of town

And there is sat for 6 long months until we could put it down


No one would believe it

but every word I say is true

When we nailed it down a second time it looked mighty good


Now the children sitting at my feet ask me to once more

Tell them all the story of this old wooded floor


If the dogs may scratch I don’t care As they run out the door

So many things I’ve been through with old wooden floor

I say a prayer for every hand that touched this old wood floor.


Steve Madewell


For a number of years I played with Al Bonnis and Vance Wissinger under the name "Late As Usual".

I came up with this idea as sort of a theme song for us but we never played it!  


Well I get my morning paper cause I got some time to read But I can't

leave the house with out some shoes on my feet

I'm looking for my shoes when I realize I aint got my keys.

I find my keys in my pocket my shoes behind the door and I am huffing

like a freight train as I run across the floor

I look at my watch an see I'm gonna be late once more.

Late as usual you know that's my style

Late as usual I'll be there in a while

Late as usual I'll get there when I can

You see I'm just a late as usual man.

My work day is crazy in fact it's close to hell I'm getting myself

together when I here some body yell Hey aint you coming well you see they've been waiting for me.

I grab a pen that don't work a pad of paper in my hand I belly up to the table just as cool as I can

I aint fooling no one I'm a late as usual man.

Late as usual I hope you understand

Late as usual I'll get there when I can

If you get there early get the problems in hand I'm just a late as usual man


I call my baby up on the telephone

I say get yourself together cause your daddy's coming home About that

time somebody says let's get a beer.

About three hours later when I come strolling in The dog is glad to see

me he don't care where I been

But I know to my sweet heart this late stuff is getting mighty thin.

Late as usual you know that's my style

Late as usual I'll be there in a while

Late as usual I'll get there when I can

You see I'm just a late as usual man.

Late as usual don't worry about me

Late as usual I'll be fine you see

Late as usual I'll meet you with a smile

It's no excuse it's just a life style

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