Sleeping on the Wrong Side of the Bed

Steve Madewell


Recorded on the Ipad to capture what I think is the best arrangement of this song. 

I wrote this tune after reflecting on the fact we can choose to be happy.  Often times we simply walking around waiting for something to "make" us happy...

Seems silly doesn't it, but I swear I was over forty before I made this simple realization.

I'd been sleepin on the wrong side of the bed.


Once I had my eye on That brass ring

So many crazy thoughts in my head

I woke up with the sun

I saw that dream was gone

I’d been sleeping on the wrong side

of the bed


Heartaches come and go if you let them

You can hold them tight or let them go

If you hold them all day long

Well when the day is done

What do you have there in your heart to show?


What you get and what choose to hold on to

What you hear and what is really being said

Feel the message in a song

Knowing right and doing wrong

Sleeping on the wrong side of the



Life is nothing more than you make it

It can be so good or be so bad

If something comes around you

better take it

Don’t die wishing for something

you never had

I may love you every night and

every morning

From the bottom of my heart to the

top of my head

But if the feelings gone

There is no need to linger on.

I’d just be sleeping on the wrong

side of the bed.


Life is nothing more than you make it

For every single smile there is a frown

Fly just as high as you can take it

But what goes up surely must come down

Everyday begins with a new sunrise

You don’t know what is down the path ahead

If you are feeling down and blue

You know that feel is up to you

Don’t be sleeping on the wrong side of the bed


When it seems the world is out to get you

Remember just what I said

Instead of thinking the world is wrong

Make a change and go along

Don’t be sleeping on the wrong side of the bed

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