Wooden Floor

Steve Madewell
Steve Madewell


A few years back I put a small addition on the barn and I had to take down a pretty nice ash tree.  

When I was about 11 years old I saw lightening strike a big ash standing in a pasture.  The impact sent big slabs of wood exploding off of the tree. My buddy Chuck and I picked those pieces up and built a fire later that evening.

Since that time I have apprecieated this wood.  It burns nice, it is light, durable and has a handsome grain.  It only figured I would save the lumber from the tree I cut and put it to good use... a couple of times.

With the whole Emerald Ash Borer this lumber may become like American Elm.  Something of a memory.   


I remember very well the fall day we cut it down

The ash tree standing by the barn

We laid it on the ground


Matty came to help me out just to settle up a score

We cut the her into 8 foot logs to make this old wood floor


Charles brought his sawmill the logs we cut to boards

I stacked them up inside the barn and stored it all indoors


In the spring I went to Hartsgrove

to old Joe's drying kiln

He dried the planks we hauled them off to an Amish Mill


I picked em up and brought them home

Boards planned down so true

The clearest ash you'd ever seen was milled to tongue and groove


David cut and nailed em down and we sanded them so smooth

Coated them with Waterlox when this old floor was new


It looked so fine when we were done My God it looked so good

It was the pride of MJ's home this old floor of wood

In the summer of 2006 there came a great big flood

The water rose and when it fell

left a foot of silt and mud


Friends they came from all around to see what we might need

We had to gut the our whole house right down to studs and beams


Al and Andrew cut the nails from each and every board

I stacked it up and once again I hauled this old wood floor

Off to Ricky's Warehouse, on the other end of town

And there is sat for 6 long months until we could put it down


No one would believe it

but every word I say is true

When we nailed it down a second time it looked mighty good


Now the children sitting at my feet ask me to once more

Tell them all the story of this old wooded floor


If the dogs may scratch I don’t care As they run out the door

So many things I’ve been through with old wooden floor

I say a prayer for every hand that touched this old wood floor.


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