Steve Madewell

Pedestrian Ramblings I got notice of this blog post while I was up in Chicago. Mj and I went up for the weekend to just get out of town. What a nice city. I can't help but think Ohio has so screwed up in not having any resonable mass transit. We had a great time taking the trains to about anywhere we wanted to go. One stop was agumented with a short walke to Tommys Guitar Cafe. A guitar shop that sold killer bugers! Great art museum too! I couldn't help but feel the vibrance of the city downtown. While I hate to drive through it, downtown Chi town is fun. One of the most wonderful things was the art in front of our hotel. Running the risk of illustrating my amazing lack of sophistication in not knowing the name of the sculpture, let me say the stainless steel coffee bean is a wonderful peice of art. When you witness people all around an object that is clearly bring excitment and joy, how can anyone doubt the value of art? It was superb, and I guess that alone should motivate me to look up the proper name of the piece! Cheers!