Steve Madewell

Pedestrian Ramblings

My second CD arrived just in time for a series of shows the first weekend in Sept. For now you can download a digital version through: I was so fortunate to have a very nice article appear in the in the News Herald about the CD and the activities of the weekend. Bob Hollister flew in just for the occassion! We had one crazy night of running around and rehearsing, and then we were off to the races... We did a sit down concert as a benifit for the Hospice of the Western Reserve on Friday night. Bob did a great one hour show, then I did a bout half the songs from the CD. Which by the way is named after the creek valley where Bob lives. Wine and cheese followed and a good time was had by all. All the proceeds for the evening including CD sales went to Hospice. Saturday was a similar show at the Geauga Park District's Donald Meyer Center for about a hundred folks, only this time Bob and I just took turns doing tunes. We even sang a few together! Sunday it was off to the Conneaut Cellars annual patron pic nic where we had a blast playing anything and everything that came to mind. It was a great weekend, but I sure missed Caroline Quine... She worked so hard with me, pulling and pushing me along the way during the recording process. And she also did the Graphics on the CD....Which are lovely. Oh yes the CD, in a short while it will be available through CD Baby, eventually I tunes and Digimusic. But first I have a few things to take care of in the mean time.