Steve Madewell

Pedestrian Ramblings

Beetox vs. Botox So last Tuesday when I went down to get the bees at Ken the Bee Mans I got stung twice under my left eye and once on the thumb. By the time I was one the road back home I knew that I was going to puff up a little bit. Getting stung used to not bother me at all but I think after Jim Brock and I moved a hive in the night and got zapped a dozen or more times each it seems that I have on occasion puffed up a little bit. The first time this happened was when Rachel was a little girl and was helping me tend a hive. I had taken things apart and there was a pretty good cloud of bees buzzing and she headed back to the truck. I finished up what I was doing, walked back to the truck and as I pulled off my veil off I realized that one of the more irate bees had followed me. I stared to jump in the blazer and realized that Rachel had locked the doors. While I was negotiating for Rachel to let me in, I got zapped right between the eyes. That was the first time I ever swelled up after a bee sting and the next day I sort of looked like a pig. Anyway, since then I have had the tendency to get a little puffy depending on where the sting was. Since Ken’s bees had drilled me under the eye I suspected that I would probably have a lump by the time I got home. Sure enough after getting home and dumping the girls out in their new hives I could feel a little tightness around my eye and cheek. When I asked MJ how it looked she said that all the wrinkles around my eye was gone and I looked like I had a beetox treatment and suggested that I go out and let them sting my other cheek. That way I wouldn’t look like one of those TV commercials where they treat only one side of the face to demonstrate the effectiveness of the product. Beetox what an idea! This really could be a pretty cool thing if you think about it. Age defying beetox, nature’s organic anti aging treatment. Just a simple injection or two with a tiny hypodermic administered by a completely dedicated professional. My new money making idea fell apart when I woke up the next morning and found I had a lovely purple triangle under my left eye and it looked more like someone socked me. I suppose I will try asking for a little less venom next time.