Steve Madewell

Pedestrian Ramblings

I have a number of brothers, three biological brothers and several others that fit that brotherly category. Dave Noble the park systems current director and I have worked together for nearly twenty years and worked on things together for even longer. Dave has biological brothers too, and one day in the office when we were sharing notes about our brothers it dawned on me that he and I have spent more time together as adults than we have spent with our brothers. Sort of an interesting revelation. I have several musical brothers that I have made a lot of music with. Vance Wissinger is one of several. Vance and I have done hundreds of gigs together, seen a lot of things go down and Vance and I can tell a few stories. Some of these associations have come about as a function of time spent together and others have some other sort of “connection”. For example Bob Hollister and I have not played nearly so much together but for whatever reason are still connected. A few years ago I ran into Alex Bevan. I had met Alex at Miami University just in passing, and we got re acquainted some fifteen years later. Alex and I have played a bit a music, worked on a few projects, helped each other out from time to time, and I am happy to say we are pretty good buds. This past week, while I was transferring tunes from disk to the computer, I noticed how Alex had signed the disk he gave me last fall. It is a lovely project called Fall and Angels. It said To Steve a brother in music. Well this weekend Alex came to my rescue like a big brother. I was playing at the Lake House, and the deck was packed. Simply packed. Instead of setting up in the corner, I had to set up on the end. After I had everything set up, I went to pull my PA mixer back a bit and stepped on the mic cable as I was picking it up. As simple as that seems, it was enough to trash the cable. NO big deal, I always have a couple spares in the bag or stashed in the car……not this time. Alex lives down the way so I called him and left a message. After exhausting a few other alternatives, I started to do an instrumental set. Word came that Alex was on his way! In a few minutes, like a big brother to the rescue, Alex came bounding down the stairs cable in hand and said “I was in the shower when you called, I am between gigs, up from Akron and on the way to Eastlake. Here you go.” Of course I said thanks, and also “Ladies and gentlemen, thanks to Alex Bevan, I now can sing.” Which prompted the front table to ask Are you kidding is that Alex Bevan? Sure I said. One guy jumped up and said “Let me get my picture taken with him!” So being the ever-obliging, but ever rushing Grammy winning soul that he is, Alex stopped to pose with this guy. It was quite the buzz for the next few minutes. So like the perfect big bro, he not only saved my butt but graciously added a nice dimension to the show by just being there. Thanks Alex!!