Steve Madewell

Pedestrian Ramblings

I really enjoyed being able to get back to southwest Ohio to do a performance for the Darke County Park District. I played a two hour show at the Shawnee Prairie Nature Center for a about a hundred people. The stage location at the nature center takes advantage of a natural geologic land-form called a Kame. That is basically a gravel deposit formed when the last glacier was retreating. The hillside makes a natural amphitheater where folks sat on lawn chairs and enjoyed the music and the bugs. I just love the laid back atmosphere provided by the surrounding agricultural lands and the ambience of the deep history that covers the land. The park is situated where Fort Greenville was located. The sky for the drive down and back was incredibly dramatic. Mj and I drove the back roads back home for a great part of the trip and enjoyed taking in the country side and the many small towns were drove through. Thanks Mandy for putting it together and having me back again.