Steve Madewell

Pedestrian Ramblings

Pedestrian Ramblings: 

Took a shot with the phone of the super moon through the trees, over Big Creek.  There was a fair about of cloud covers so there was a hazy image to begin with.

I am going into my second month of “retirement” from the pubic sector.  I believe that October was the first month in 35 years or so I haven’t gone to a park board meeting and that was pretty nice.

The past few weeks however have been a ride!

Moving is always an adventure and the move back to NEO was just that.  Evidently I cracked a tooth somewhere along the way and have had quite the run with antibiotics and several folks involved with the dental profession. 

Happy to report that I am going the right direction, and now that I have lost that tooth, you should hear a marked improvement in the tonality of my blues singing.   I was thinking “A Mouth Full of Trouble” would make a great theme for a blues tune!

Maybe because of this transition period in my life I have just been enamored with Chris Smither and his tune “Leave the Light On.  

Whatever the reason, it is a great song and Chris is a wonderful musician and song writer!