Steve Madewell

Pedestrian Ramblings

OK I did the maple fest. Soon as I got there the fellow running the stage took me to the stash that is the place where the maple cocktails were stored and fixed me up with a drink. Maple cocktails must have about 3000 calories per drink. Pure maple syrup, dry gin, bourbon, and lemon juice. Sort of like a long island ice tea. There are good. I did my show with a fairly thick tongue! In other words I was having a little trouble with enunciation. Lost of little kids dancing around which is always cute. The whole show was filmed by m tv that is Middlefield tv! (local joke) The sound guy was like 76 years old and had these vintage speakers. He has been doing sound for the maple festival for 27 years. No monitors either…. So I couldn't hear what I was playing!! Too much fun. Was a trip. Got done and immediately when for more of the “stash”/ Whole bunch of older dudes sitting in lawn chairs in front of the storage locker, and I know why they were sitting. They had the stuff mixed up by the gallon. Big fun all the way around!