Steve Madewell

Pedestrian Ramblings

Nice weather. The recent string of nice weather has been just what the spirit needed. I don’t mind the winter and in fact I really like it. I like to work in the barn after dark and always appreciate this uninterrupted time. But I confess that the temperature does wear me down. And this winter was one of a great deal of emotional upheaval. It is still hard to get used to the fact that both our dogs are gone and I am often a little remorseful when I get home and there is no Emmet or Kate waiting to say hello and take a little stroll in the back yard. The other day I was working in the yard with Ipod and headphones on, and Bill Stains' song Old Dogs cycled up. I teared right up. Of course folks in the know, know that my work has exploded and I am juggling a great deal in the conservation career. And I miss the "boys" coming to check on me and ground me after a big day at work. And I like so many other folks have the tendency to over do it in the warmer months. Finding balance and working within the capacity I can manage is the big test, but I have been here before and hopefully will put the right things on hold and take care of the essentials. But right now in the last few weeks of spring it is easy to see that everything is just beautiful. It is funny how we choose not to look and really see what is around us. I recently read a thought by Thoreau which basically said if the stars were only visible one night out of the year it would be a historical holiday of celebration, as it is we can see them on any clear night and take them for granted. I need to remember this to sustain me through what will be a very busy year.