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My Aim Is True

Funny how the recollection of a song can trigger so many memories and emotions

In 1976 I had a summer job at Brukner Nature Center outside of Troy, Ohio. I was hired to supervise, babysit if you will, the children of Hispanic migrant workers. The nature center had received a grant to provide childcare for these kids while their parents picked fruit and vegetables. It was my understanding the existing staff really didn't want to deal with the additional workload and there was a scramble to get someone to specifically deal with these kids. So the nature center asked and received enough additional money to hire someone for the summer. My high school friend, Annette Miller's sister Lynn, was administering the grant program and told Annette about the position, and Annette told me about it. I got what proved to be a life-altering job!


Coffeyville Community College Humanities Project
Fall 2019
During the process of self-evaluation I decided this year I would get involved with more professional music organizations, so this spring I joined Folk Alliance. This is an international organization and I attended one of their conferences several years ago. It was held in Cleveland and was a great experience and this seemed like a good organization to plug into. The Midwest region of the Folk Alliance is called FARM and they have an annual conference in October so I signed up. In short order, I started getting notices about performing at showcases at the conference, internet radio programs looking for new folk material and other opportunities. One notice caught her my eye, a call for proposals from Artists of Note to perform for the Coffeyville Community College Humanities Project. 

Return to Nipigon, a visit to a special place and the inspiration for a simple project. 


A Life Time Of Ornaments

I reflect on the past this time of year more so than at New Years. These reflections were enhanced last night as MJ and I were decorating the tree. First, I have to say I bought the most “Charlie Brown Christmas Tree” ever.  Tall, spindly, and asymmetrical! 


Deer Camp

An Ongoing Tradition

The Evolution of a Song

From an idea, to a song, to a recording


I doubt that many people think about how a song they hear changes from an idea, to a song to a finished recording. There are a remarkable series of steps involved, each with their own contribution to creating the finished product that might be heard on a CD or the radio. Most of my involvement with recording for other folks has been showing up to offer a specific contribution, like singing a back up vocal or contributing an instrumental part.


Often people ask where do I get ideas or inspirations for songs. To read a short essay about my recent trip to Labrador. Click on the link at the bottom of the photo!


Howard Marsh

Today the Toledo Metroparks opened Howard Marsh Metropark and early this afternoon I had the tremendous honor of cutting a ribbon, and symbolically opening the boardwalk for public use.



A Permit On The Fly...

Three years in the making.
My second Belizean experience and my first trip to the Blue Bonefish Lodge


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