Steve Madewell

Pedestrian Ramblings

People that I have played music with. There are a whole lot of folks that I have played music with in various and sundry musical pursuits, and for some time I have thought about listing them. I don’t know why other than a tribute to things that they gave me in the experiences that we had. Some of them no longer play or are no longer with us. There are some I may have omitted. But here is starting with the first Garage Band. These are grouped by bands, some of which I can no longer remember the name, or by era, and some names reappear cause I played with em in several incarnations: West Milton 1969 Jeff Butts Terry Penkal Scott Flowers 1970 Tim Mote JD McKnight 1971 Wissingers’ Palace Steve Penkal Vance Wissinger Rick Gowdy Tim Mote Craig Foreman John Tomlinson Wayne Jackson Dave Everhart Tim Mote Steve Penkal Larry (Murf) Burnette Tim Mote Bob Gross 1974 Doc Holiday Dennis McDowell Larry Taylor Mark Hilt Dave Hilt Joe Rosenbaum Vance Wissinger John Rhoer Kevin Bert Gary Kurvis 1975-78 Oxford Years Rich Scheurmann Kurt Anderson Mark Grieger Kurt Anderson Caroline Quine Vance Wissinger Fred Rice Dave Young Zutty Sekora 1979 @ The Trolly Stop years Vance Wissinger Tim McKenzie Steve Hampton Dan Cel Astrid Socrates Scotty Robinson Greg Hawhee Dougie the Drummer Doug Hoskins Doug Hamilton 1980 Roy Calhoun Band (The Trophy Club Experience) Roy Calhoun Hawse Vance Wissinger Rick Gowdy Roy Calhoun Band second edition Craig Schaffer Chris Bresenski Pat Hailey The Steve Madewell Band Astrid Socrates Bill Baldock Michael Clutter Vance Wissinger Paul North Late As Usual various members Al Bonnis Vance Wissinger Chris Otto Donnie Philips Mark Mutterspah Drew Bonnis The First Pat Dailey Band Pat Dailey Alex Bevan Tommy Dobeck Ron Jarvis The Madewell Brothers Band Jeff Madewell Mike Gross Vance Wissinger Ron Randal Recent efforts and a number of incidental and recording occurrences Todd Blum Billy Lesstock Bill Watson Bob Hollister Caroline Quine And other I just haven’t mentioned.