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Steve Earle & Joe Purdy Rusted Root and the Lake House

Friday night Mj and I went to Kent Stage to check out Steve Earle and we were treated to a great show.

I do love Steve Earle’s tunes and Joe Purdy was a nice surprise.

I didn’t know anything at all about Joe but He has a nice delivery and has about 10 CD’s.

Both were doing a solo thing and it was sorta motivational for me to take it all in, especially coming off the heels of the Nashville experience.

Reckon I should turn on the machine on and get on with recording.

The following day, as in Saturday, I was off to do a wedding.  The bride wanted me to do something different for here recessional, and she likes Rusted Root; So last week I spent a considerable amount of time working up a pretty good version, although I don’t think anyone has an idea what the lyrics really are to that song.

Then off to the Lake house where I was on autopilot for my first and about the same for the third set, but the second set, now that one felt great.


It was a beautiful night on the lake, and the place was simply slammed.

I was absolutely whipped by the time I was loaded out.

Woke up this morning and for the first time in months, wrote a tune.

I think a recovery day is in order.