Steve Madewell

Pedestrian Ramblings

I played at two different venues at Vintage Ohio yesterday. The Lake Metroparks Farm Park is a great setting for this event. Multiple stages, all sorts of music, well over ten thousand people for each day of the two day event. My first show was 3-6 at the fine arts tent, and it was a very pleasant setting. Nice spot for people to sit eat lunch and drink their wine. Other than a bit of cross bleed from the bigger stages it was near perfect. Met a bunch of folks and had an enjoyable time. The second venue at the "wine store" check out area was 6-9 and I was in a big rush to get from one place to another so I just threw my stuff up behind the check out tables. I provided ambiance for the folks waiting to process their sales. Passed out 2008 schedules and made several contacts with many new wineries. Hopefully will set the stage for some future performance opportunities. I missed playing at Wertzstock. the big home town bash, but I am sure they had a good time without me. Hopefully I'll make it next year!