Steve Madewell

Pedestrian Ramblings

Sopg Of The Year is as it says, a song writing competetion, that has several catogories. I submitted Wound Too Tight and was selected as a finalist for the month of August. Here is the link if you want to see the listing Here are some of the comments from the review SONG WRITER Stephen Madewell NAME OF SONG Wound Too Tight COMMENTS ON EMOTIONAL IMPACT Your lyrics have a playful, upbeat feel as you ramble about the woes of life. The music has a solid, traditional groove that suits this song well. Your title is a perfect fit that grabs the attention and wholly reflects the song. This is a very fun song. COMMENTS ON TECHNICAL EVALUATION: Your vocals are very good. They have consistency and a very nice sound. Your music is simple but good, with a nice, upbeat acoustic groove. The melodies are simple but do a good job of setting the mood for the song. Structure is perfect, with smooth flow, smart arrangement, and a rhythm and tempo that fits the song. The production is great and could just use a little fine tuning in your final mix and the presence of the overall mix. COMMENTS ON MARKETABILITY: This may not be the most marketable song, but someone looking for a fun album track won’t be able to pass this one up.