Steve Madewell


Who Will Weep For Me

Steve Madewell


WE are loosing farm land across the world in an amazing rate, and we are also loosing a way or life associated with any connectivity to the land. The story of Chief Logan gave me an interesting back drop to play out yet another loss of a culture. I wrote the song sitting in the lobby of the office of Director of the ODNR while waiting for a job interview.


To him it wasn=t any thing Just a house with empty fields an old barn with a rusty truck inside What he saw was opportunity and 100 brand new homes and every one had lots of dollar signs It had been nearly four months since he had closed the deal and every thing was going fine you see The old farmer he had told him That Chief Logan walked this land Crying AWho will weep for me?@ He didn=t see the old rope swing still hanging from that limb and he didn=t hear the sounds the shade trees made When the leaves danced with the cold west wind coming cross those open fields On the porch he didn=t see the flint chipped blade In the days of the black swamp Chief Logan promised peace in the shadows the great old elm tree made That promise had been broken when they killed his family He cried Who will weep for me? The old man who had lived there had worked hard all his life Two miles down the road you=ll find his grave he=s next to his father who=s next to his grandpa, and all the kin who died along the way It=s a shame just to sit here and think about their lives no one in the family left to stay Last night in the moon light I thought I saw his wife standing on the porch in a cotton dress she made They say that he just went crazy when the deal was finally done There was nothing noone could do or say And when they drained that quarter section and hauled those black oaks off They might as well have laid him in his grave I wouldn=t want to live there no matter what the price or no matter how fine the house might be. I=m sure that the old farmer has Chief Logan by his side Crying AWho will weep for me?@