Steve Madewell


Wrapped Inside Your Love

Steve Madewell


There is quite a story behind this song. I wrote it on a plane flying back from Montana. While it is in a male female contex that is not the relationship that drove the idea. However I have had the pleasure of recieving many hand made gifts, and I think there is such power and reassurance in such a gift. They can give you introspection on the past and hope for the future. And these things are so important to any relationship that is challenged.


I recall time we were best of friends And no one bothered to keep score No it seems that every step is a struggle up the hill And I don=t know if it=s worth it any more So I took this walk to let my thought wonder once again And picked up the sweater I left on the floor Hoping it would keep me from this cold December wind And the shadow that has fallen across our door Wrapped inside your love In a sweater that you made me Wrapped inside your love Safe from this winter wind Wrapped inside your love bound up in all these fibers now I feel your touch again Maybe we can find a place where we can laugh again And there are no reasons left to fight Maybe when you realize that I'm not always wrong And I realize that I=m not always right Wrapped inside your love In a sweater that you made me Wrapped inside your love A treasure from the past Wrapped inside your love It's such a precious feeling now I hope it lasts Stories of the heart I lived with you Stories from the Heart You shared them too After all the love That we=ve lived through These stories of the heart They must be true