SMB Just Another Night In The Books!

SMB, Another Night In The Books: 

August 15th, I was privileged to perform at the Trolley Stop in Dayton, Ohio, with some dear friends who just happen to be excellent musicians. 

This event was sort of a spin-off from the…

Endless connections...



On Sunday, August 15th, 2021 I will be playing music with a collection of people that are very dear to me.  They are remarkable in so many similar yet uniquely different ways.  

I suppose playing music can be a mechanical…

Old Friends New Beginnings

Old Friends New Beginnings  

Sunday I had the pleasure of playing music in a place I have not performed in for at least 30 years. A place where I had played perhaps 200 times, maybe more. And, I was with…

Growing Up

Pedestrian Ramblings 4/4 
Growing Up 
The collective “we” tend to start asking youngsters at a very early age “What do you want to be when you grow up“? As innocent as that question is there is an implication that we…

Pop A Relative Perspective

The late fall and winter months have always been a very reflective period for me, and 2020 has provided a great deal to reflect on! A global pandemic, a record turn-out for a very contentious presidential election and the ongoing…

Finding Motivation In The Time Of Covid

Interesting Times 

October 25, 2020

We are living in an ancient eastern proverb, “May you live interesting times”. To say these are interesting times is perhaps an optimistic way to summarize the current time here on planet earth.  From nearly…

My Aim Is True

My Aim Is True Funny how the recollection of a song can trigger so many memories and emotions!

So for some reason, as I was padding out to the freezer this morning to get some bread, I found myself singing…

The Art of Nature

In 1976 I had a summer job at Brukner Nature Center outside of Troy, Ohio. I was hired to supervise, babysit if you will, the children of Hispanic migrant workers. The nature center had received a grant to provide childcare…

Don't Try and Knock Off A Bank In Coffeyville

  Coffeyville Community College Humanities Project Fall 2019 During the process of self-evaluation I decided this year I would get involved with more professional music organizations, so this spring I joined Folk Alliance. This is an international organization and I attended…

Superior Songs

Spring 2019

Bowman Island, Lake Superior, Ontario Ca.

Pedestrian Ramblings

Superior Tunes: A return to Nipigon 

It has been three years since I first visited Nipigon, Ontario. My friend Jerry Darkes had invited me to accompany him and a group…

Christmas 2018

Pedestrian Ramblings


December 24, 2018



A Life Time Of Ornaments

I reflect on the past this time of year more so than at New Years. These reflections were enhanced last night as MJ and I were decorating the…

An On Going Tradition

Pedestrian Ramblings


November 28, 2018


Deer Camp

An Ongoing Tradition

Sitting at the cabin evening reflecting on years past. My cousin Kieth and I started deer hunting with my pop and my uncle Marvin when we were 12 and…