SERFA 24 (Part 3

Return From SERFA

There were plenty of takeaways this year, but “The Return from SERFA” wasn’t nearly as dramatic as last year when I nearly ran out of gas. That warranted a Pedestrian Ramblings on its own, but this year's…

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SERFA 24 (part 2)

Performance Highlights

As I mentioned earlier, the Official Showcases at these conferences are generally really good and SERFA 24 was no exception. A couple highlights from this year were Sue Horowitz who did a killer “high school reunion song” and…

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SERFA 24 (Pt 1)

SERFA 2024  

It is all follow-ups and memories for SERFA 23. 

I just got back from my third South East Region Folk Alliance conference. Each was held at the Black Mountain YMCA assembly center a few miles from Black Mountain…

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Some Things Just Make Me Happy

Some Things Make Just Make Me Happy

Probably 25 years ago, my buddy Alex Bevan stopped by the house and handed me a cassette tape, (Do you remember those?) and said “You got to check this guy out”! And that…

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Everybody's Favorite

Everybody’s Favorite
I just finished reading Prine On Prine, a book conceived and edited by Holly Gleason, and it is a bit of an irony that I would wrap this book up on the week that John Prine died. So…

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A Different Perspective From A Little Old Instrument

Like many other musicians I know, I have a random collection of instruments I really don’t play. This includes a host of small percussion instruments, shakers, clickers, hand drums, a few kalimbas, a xylophone, a “can-jo” and some electronic music-making…

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A Small Salute To Black History Month

If you have heard me perform “Drake Hollow”, you have probably heard me share the story of how I wrote the song. At the risk of redundancy, let me chronicle that story here as well. 

We happen to live in…

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Walking Toward The End Of A Project

A Way To Listen

Most of my recent walking has been occurring on an indoor track this winter. I don't mind, but that setting falls a little short on providing inspiring writing themes. That being said, I find that this…

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The Faith Of An Artist

An inspiration from my cousin Jay Madewell.



I really didn’t know my cousin Jay. Well, actually he was the son of my cousin, so I guess that means he was my second cousin. I never professed to master all the…

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Shorty's Pro Tip

Pedestrian Ramblings

Notes from Shorty’s Kitchen

Fall 2023

Shorty's Coffee-Making Protip

I haven’t posted anything in a while from the kitchen. I have friends who post a lot of pictures of food, or themselves holding fish, and some folks playing…

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Feeling Alive…

Some days I feel alive…

I was listening to some music the other night in the barn and I felt so engaged and moved by what I was hearing. It was so good to be focused and endulging my senses…

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