Sugar Snow

Last week we had the first “sugar snow” of the winter. “Sugar snow” comes in February or March. Living in the snow-belt you get to see enough snow events to identify specific characteristics for snow. Sugar snow has large, fluffy…

Ice Out 2/18

Nearly anytime spent on the stream is special but there are many “extra” special times. Sunrise, Twilight, a moonlit night, the roar of a flood but two events on the creek are always magical to me when the stream is…

So You Want To Be The Boss


So You Want To Be the Boss? 

Observations and thoughts on the transition from front line interpretation to administration.

Moving into a supervisory role is generally regarded as essential part of career advancement. The the transition however, from front line…


Open Spaces and Public Lands

All across Ohio and all across the nation people enjoy public lands and National Public Lands Day is celebrated the last weekend of September. 

I enjoyed a 36 year career working in parks and recreation and was privileged to have…

The Demise of an Oak Tree

The Demise of a Oak Tree:

After four days of gentle rain a giant oak tree tipped over. For well over a hundred years it had grown of the side of the creek valley. Ironically it's health and growth led…


Great Expectations

Great Expectations:
My bee boxes were empty this winter. Both colonies bolted, as in the bees left. I suspect this occurred in September. I was very consumed with wrapping things up in Toledo and didn't have time to get back…


"Some Old Dusty Woods"


Some Dusty Woods:

Being back at the Creek House for the past 6 months has certainly illustrated some of the benefits of the loft condo living. When you leave, you lock the door walk away and forget about it, no…

Leave the Light On

Pedestrian Ramblings: 

Took a shot with the phone of the super moon through the trees, over Big Creek.  There was a fair about of cloud covers so there was a hazy image to begin with.

I am going into my…


July 3

Summer Abundance 

I'm sitting on the porch at the creek house with the occasional whirring sound of humming birds in my ears as they dart to and from the feeders.  After a breakfast topped off with biscuits from the oven…


July 4th On a rock

July 4th

It is beautiful Ohio summer morning and I have been up for a while.

Got up a bit early to enjoy some quite time and take inventory around the homestead.

I played at Zocalo’s Saturday and the…


The Loss of Darkness

The loss of darkness

I had to drive to Cincinnati this past week for a work related engagement.  I wasn’t able to leave until 6:00 or so and this made for a few hours of driving after sunset.

I would…


The Acrobatics of Life

Yesterday in the early afternoon, I was driving through the valley, and caught site of a large bird over head. Sure enough it was an eagle, nope there were two eagles!

They were both immature, just beginning to get white…