The Evolution of a Song

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September 20, 2018



The Evolution of a Song

From an idea, to a song, to a recording


I doubt that many people think about how a song they hear changes from an idea, to a song to…

Re-Entry Returning from Labrador


Often people ask where do I get ideas or inspirations for songs. To read a short essay about my recent trip to Labrador. Click on the link at the bottom of the photo!


Howard Marsh

Howard Marsh

Today the Toledo Metroparks opened Howard Marsh Metropark and early this afternoon I had the tremendous honor of cutting a ribbon, and symbolically opening the boardwalk for public use.


My involvement with the project began in 2012 when…



A Permit On The Fly...

Three years in the making.
My second Belizean experience and my first trip to the Blue Bonefish Lodge

Several years ago, MJ and I had the opportunity to stay at the Chan Chich lodge in…


Sugar Snow

Last week we had the first “sugar snow” of the winter. “Sugar snow” comes in February or March. Living in the snow-belt you get to see enough snow events to identify specific characteristics for snow. Sugar snow has large, fluffy…

Ice Out 2/18

Nearly anytime spent on the stream is special but there are many “extra” special times. Sunrise, Twilight, a moonlit night, the roar of a flood but two events on the creek are always magical to me when the stream is…

So You Want To Be The Boss


So You Want To Be the Boss? 

Observations and thoughts on the transition from front line interpretation to administration.

Moving into a supervisory role is generally regarded as essential part of career advancement. The the transition however, from front line…


Open Spaces and Public Lands

All across Ohio and all across the nation people enjoy public lands and National Public Lands Day is celebrated the last weekend of September. 

I enjoyed a 36 year career working in parks and recreation and was privileged to have…

The Demise of an Oak Tree

The Demise of a Oak Tree:

After four days of gentle rain a giant oak tree tipped over. For well over a hundred years it had grown of the side of the creek valley. Ironically it's health and growth led…


Great Expectations

Great Expectations:
My bee boxes were empty this winter. Both colonies bolted, as in the bees left. I suspect this occurred in September. I was very consumed with wrapping things up in Toledo and didn't have time to get back…


"Some Old Dusty Woods"


Some Dusty Woods:

Being back at the Creek House for the past 6 months has certainly illustrated some of the benefits of the loft condo living. When you leave, you lock the door walk away and forget about it, no…

Leave the Light On

Pedestrian Ramblings: 

Took a shot with the phone of the super moon through the trees, over Big Creek.  There was a fair about of cloud covers so there was a hazy image to begin with.

I am going into my…