The Interstate All Stars have a long history

Brian Buckley, Fred Rice, Vance Wissinger, Terry Pender, Gary Wetzel and Steve Madewell.

A handful of kids who came together to played music in college. All took a separate paths but continued to play and perform music, and on occasion, they gathered in two's or three's to reconnect and share music.

In the summer of 2021, they collectively made a commitment to get together and perform in a public setting.

Fred came from Oklahoma, Gary from Alabama, Terry from New York, Brian from Cincinnati, Steve from Cleveland, and on the 27th of June, met up with Vance at the Trolley Stop in Dayton. 

While over the past 30 plus years they have all continued to perform for the public, since they had last played together, Fred has been inducted in the Oklahoma Blues Hall of Fame, and Terry has retired from Columbia were he taught music composition and recording.  

All have been involved with countless performances and musical projects. Brain is currently performing with several acoustic and electric bands in the greater Cincinnati Metro Area. In addition to performing with a host of players, Vance is owner of professional sound company. Steve has continued to play out and just finished his third CD. And Gary is heavily involved with home recording.