1. Hometown Blues

From the recording Hometown Blues

This demo or scratch version was recorded on an Ipad.
It is a rewrite of a song I actually wrote years ago.  I was a finalist for a state position that I realized I didn't want.  I got the idea for the song in the lobby waiting for the final interview.  
The appointment would have required me to move to Columbus and I was living in Chardon at the time.  The original title was
"I hear its snowing in Chardon".
I always liked the story line but the melody wasn't quite right.  Several years later I stared playing around with it and let it evolve in to a different and more captivating tune.


There is a corner of Ohio
Is where I used to call home
Till I moved to this city
To find a life writing songs
I’m surrounded by buildings
I’m out walking alone
My minds’ in the country
And the town I came from
See the birds on the wire
They should be headed down south
Maybe they lost their way
Or got on a wrong route
This grey rain keeps falling
As I wonder about
I hear it’s snowing in Ohio,
I watch this cold rain pouring down
Sometimes you do
What you have to do
Some choices you make
Some are made for you
I need a moment just to stop
The time to slow down
When something gets lost
That’s when the value is found
I love the sound of the silence
When the snow’s falling down
The soft light from the shack
The boys are boiling sap down
I miss the glow of the moonlight
On the snow covered ground
I miss my life in Ohio
Not the likes of this town
There is comfort in the country
Open space all around
Not the rush of a city
Or the push of a crowd
I’m going to head back up north
If it’s the last thing I do
Find a home in the Ohio
And the life I once knew
I hear there is trouble in Ohio
I heard it last night on the news
I guess nothing stays the same
Like we want it to
I’m going to head back up north if it’s the last thing I do
Find my life in Ohio
Kick these hometown blues