From the recording Beyond Where I Have Been

I met a really interesting person at WEstern College of Miami Univesity, Ron Barcal. Ron and I used to go walking in the night through the woods with out a light. I learned to enjoy that and feel comfortable in submerging myself in the world in a different way, and sensing things differently. Surrendering to the darkness and trusting different senses to get me back home. I agonized over the recording of this song. Everything I did made it sound just way to emotionless. The version that is on Arrow Creek was recorded at about 3 in the morning when I was just about exhausted. I wanted to send a version it to Caroline and I didn't like anyting that I had, so I fired up the recorded and put this down, transferred the file and emailed it to Colorado. The next day she sent me a wonderful assessment of the song. I cued it up and played it back and was amazed at waht the version I had recorded.


I walk this road alone at night not knowing where I=ll go to find the piece of mind I seek A place I used to know Where the promise of the rising sun still burned with the sunsets glow I walk this lonesome road at night looking for what I let go And the many turns I have chose to take still haunt me in my sleep the footfalls of my restless feet still echo in my dreams I can=t recall their wondering and relive where they could have been I can only hope to walk along until I=m back where I began Somehow this song has burned it=s tune Deep inside my brain As I walk along with out a light down this tar chipped lane The melody I hum again like a sweet gospel refrain and I will travel on tonight Until I=m back where I began The memory still haunts me dear each time I relive that scene I have to find some way to move beyond where I have been Yes I have to find some way to move beyond just where I am