1. Climb

I have never climbed a mountain other that my own little mountains of life's challenges. The crazy thing about this tune is the day after I wrote it, there was a big story about mnt climbers on Eversest who had walked by people in distress leaving them to die. The song for me is a metaphor about life and how in some moments we really are a step away from an event that can bring irresolvable changes to us and those around us. Caroline Quine is singing with me. Bill Watson is playing upright bass. Billy Lestock is playing slide octave mandolin.


One mis-placed step and so begins a deadly slide Some thoughts should remain unspoken So much power in a word a careless bullet on its way Shot out like some empty slogan When so much can be lost Who holds tight to the belay Some thoughts should remain un spoken An avalanche of emotion Falling down this mountain side Is there no time to recover Trusting in your partner Who’s trusting in your skill It’s one person tied to another. If we leave the chosen route will a passage be revealed No certainty in what maybe found But a course must be chosen with nerves hard as nickeled steel Perhaps it’s best it no one makes a sound We begin this last ascent, begin this final climb No one speaks of the dangers of falling Who may go on and who get’s left behind Maybe it’s all just Devine calling Talk can come so easy When prices are so high Spirits lifted up dashed down and broken Out here on this ledge time to make this final climb Some words should not be spoken Perhaps I should tell you exactly how I feel But the words catch in my throat as I’m choking Out here on this ledge let’s hold on to this intrigue And leave some words unspoken