This was written as a back ground for a power point slide show for Dr. Mark Webster's 60'th birthday party. Mark is a remarkable man, who lives in the Adirondac's with his family. He is the local Dr. at Old Forge and lives on the ALC.
He was a state tennis champ, and all american lacrosse player for Cornell, and is know for his strong opinions on wildlife management.


He recalled all of the good things he had encountered
All the sweet memories he had along the way
The pet bass he once had that lived in the bath tub
His best dogs Camden Wrigley and Fenway

Susan thought he was snowed in at the Health Care Center
The Center thought he was at a conference in Gennesee
It had been four long days and counting
Since he had been gone
It had been four days since he had taken a bite to eat

In a deer yard at the base of Pico Mountain.
In a make shift camp he was trying to keep warm.
Surround by deer of all shaped and all sizes
But not a single one of them rascals had any horns

Friday morning he went out hunting
He’d got caught in a big old Adirondack storm
He left his cell phone on the front seat of the car.
Tad had used his GPS last Thursday
When he pulled it out he found it out he found it had been left on.

In the north woods it takes a different Understanding
To know how to take problems in your own hands
When he left his medical books and found his friend Ezra Brooks
he started to understand
What really matters most when you get yourself in a jamb

It don’t matter how good you might have been at tennis
And God don’t really care about lacrosse
And a degree from Cornell aint no better than the one form a community college
When your snow bound in the ALC and hopelessly lost

So he said to himself
“Now here’s the deal”
Few people might understand how I really feel
I have plenty of shells for this 308 in my pocket
And it’s been a long long time since my last meal

He pulled out a paper and pen from his red plaid jacket
Wrote a note to Susan and the girls sayin how much he cared.
He started a list of all the things he really valued
Who got what and what would go where.

Dad’s guide boat he’d guess he’d leave to Sandy
And Biggar could have his red wool underwear
Perkins could have that old Huskavarna Chain saw

And the for the rest he wrote he really didn’t care

So he took a bite out of old a frozen pine cone
Just to have something to chew on
On the bottom of the note he wrote in big bold letters
If I don’t make it out dear Susan
Make sure that this is written
on my stone:

Doc Webster never killed no does
Doc Webster never killed no does
I got caught in a storm without shelter or food
frost bitten on my fingers and toes.

I have plenty of shells for his 308 in my pocket
I’m gonna stretch right out and try to keep warm
They’re 27 deer moving around me in the shadows
But not a single one them rascals
has any horns.

He had plenty of shells for his 308
But that didn’t matter one bit you know
Doc Webster was a man of conviction
Doc Webster Never Killed No Does!