From the recording Early On In Life

Performed for the first time at Hobart Arena, Troy, Ohio


It might have been so different
In some other time
I was lost in your world
You were deep inside of mine
Twisted together
Like a braided piece of twine
We shared some special moments
So many come to mind
The old town hasn’t changed much
Many things there still remain
The faces are much older
But the eyes are still the same
Names I can’t recall now
I’m not sure I knew them then
But the feelings rustle in me like the tall corn in the wind
We could have stayed together
And lived outside of town
I’m sure it was expected
You and I would stick around
We were both a little different
Somehow we surely knew
We were living in a small town
We were both just passing through
Now I’ve seen a lot of good times
Had my fair share of strife
If heartache comes from virtue
I must have done a few things right And the time we had between us
Well it mostly felt so fine
Old folks said we were connected
Too early on in life.
There is no sort of reason
And there is no wrong or right
To the longing of a young man’s heart early in his life.
If there were a way to change things
I have no idea at all
But what happens in the springtime
Can haunt you in the fall
I curse the sidewalk at my feet
And the buildings all so high
All these rushing people in the early morning light
The wind inside this canyon seems to speak inside my mind
You know we were connected
too early on in life.
I shuffle down an empty street look into a store front glass
My reflection maybe here today
But my mind is in the past
The Buddha in an antique shop smiles as I go by
Like he knows we were connected too early on in life
This song’s been sung forever There is no way to understand
Why people come together and fall apart again
Tomorrow is a mystery
Yesterday is in the past
The present is our gift to enjoy while it lasts
It was so nice to see you
It's surely been a while
The happiness on your face
Will warm me with a smile
But tomorrow I’ll be gone again
With your image in my mind
So glad we were connected early on in life