From the recording Sound Tracks


It might have been so different in some other time
I was lost in your world and you were deep inside of mine

Knotted and twisted like discarded bailing twine
We shared some special moments so many come to mind

The old town hasn’t changed much many things here still remain

The faces are much older but their eyes are still the same
Names I can’t recall now I’m not sure I knew them then
The feelings rustle in me like tall corn in the wind

I’m sure it was expected you and I would stick around
Living in a farmhouse right outside of town

But we were both a little different maybe we just knew
Our paths crossed in a small town we were both just passing through


This songs been sung forever there is no way to understand
People come together and they fall apart again

We each have our own memories we share from that brief time
You once said we were connected too early on in life

It was so nice to see you it’s surely been a while
Though it’s been so many years now it still warmed me when you smiled

Tomorrow I’ll be gone again With your image in my mind
And I know we were connected just too early on in life

I curse the sidewalk below my feet and the buildings oh so high
As I make my way to the hotel in this early morning light

As the wind blows through this canyon I hear voices in my mind
That say we were connected too early on in life.

I shuffle down a side street and look into a store-front glass
My reflection maybe here today but my mind is in the past

The Buda in the antique shop he smiles as I go by like he knows we were connected too early on in life

We all have our memories lessons from the past hope for tomorrow the present while it lasts

Reflections on those memories have mellowed just like wine
So glad we were connected early on in life