1. Gifts

From the recording Sound Tracks

A song about writing songs


Some thoughts come then they go
Some just fade awayI’ll never know
what makes one special
Take root and grow
Rain on the roof
Really really coming down
An empty house the hollow sound
Of my words as they echo
Bouncing round and round
These vacant rooms

Why is there always work to do
No time for me no time for you
When I find a little bit of truth
I try and write it down

Take a moment Just a little time
Write down these words
Clear out my mind
Let this old rain tell me
Every little thing That I should do

To find the lines that I can sing to you
Something old and borrowed
There’s nothing new
Find the warm tones of a
Simple tune that I can share with you.

Each and everyday has a story
That can be told
A little something in the air
To catch and hold on to
Or just let go
We all know some fine day
We won’t be coming round anymore
Maybe I can leave a little song for you
When I step on through that door?

Take a walk Down by the stream
Watch the water flow like it’s all just a dream
Let the current carry all your doubts away
Until there is nothing left to do or say
And let yourself take hold
Of the gift
That we call today.