From the recording Sound Tracks

When Bill told me he wanted to add an organ, well, I thought he was nuts.
Mark Olitsky is truly a gifted old style banjo player. I played a traditional song "Little Willie" with a remarkably talented woman, Caroline Quine. I turn the story on its head when I wrote this.


Little Willie met his one true love
Down by the waterside
And courted her to call his own
Before the corn was high

He never meant to cause anybody
Never meant to make her cry
In the valley that he called his home
She would not abide

Her father came one afternoon
With a distance in his eye
And said their paths could never cross
Never gave a reason why

Little Willie fell down to the ground
And there stone still he lay
Till his mother called out from the porch
Honey what did that man say

His heart was crushed and spirit broke
No matter what his momma tried
All day long Willie cried in bed
That night he just sat outside

When the spring time moon comes high and full
Shining through the trees
You’ll find him by the water-side
Down on bended knee

He’s kneeling on the very spot
Where they met years ago
Till his mother calls out from the porch
Willie come in from the cold

Across the stream across the Fields
At the other end of town
She waits alone in an empty House
For the same moon to go down

Little Willie found his one true Love
Before the corn was high
And courted her to call his own,
Down by the water-side