From the recording Sound Tracks

Written in Trinidad. Watching slash and burn clearing, sea turtles, remarkable birds, wonderful people... Hope they are OK.
Bill refused to give up on this...
Dozens of mixes, three different versions.


I wonder if everything is gonna be alright
From the mountain high
I look across the green valley side
I watch a rising cloud of mist
And the tall trees give the sky a kiss
I want to come back to you

The pounding waves the blackness of the night
A distant ship it drops out of site
I see the flashing waves and then
I think that I might understand
I want to come back to you

It’s like a dream
Seeing things I’ve never seen
A distant land
I’ll take you with me
If I can


Blue sky blue water
And I’ll soon be home
I think about this time I’ve had alone
And what this journey means to me
How much more can I hope to be
When I come back to you

When I come back to you:|