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Hometown Blues

Hometown Blues

A project inspired by place

The idea for the title song came years ago while considering a job in a city where I didn’t want to live. Ultimately, I decided
it was better for me to stay where I was than pursue something that would take me away from things I loved.

Over time, many of those very things have been significantly changed, hence the “Hometown Blues.”

The concept for this recording took a long time to mature and would not exist without Bill Lestock. Every song has been dramatically influenced by his talents and skills. He encouraged me and believed in each song.

I’ve been playing and singing for a long time and realized years ago that music is best when it is shared.

I am happy to share this recording with you and hope you enjoy these songs.

Steve Madewell: Lyrics, melodies, acoustic guitar and vocals
Bill Lestock – Two Moons Recording: Recording, production, occasional backing vocals, and all other instruments excluding banjo

Mastered by: Martin Stansbury at Cacophony Cottage Studio
Mark Olitsky: Banjo

Backing Vocals:

Alex Bevan: “Gifts”
Robin Stratton: “The Best That You Got” and “To See Your Face Again”
Caroline Quine: “One Thing At A Time”

Audio Reviews: Jeff Madewell and Michael Pummell

Cover Art: Fayrene Hinkle-Ballard
Photography: Marlon Carr (back); Darcy Kiefel (flap)

Graphic Design: Di Madewell, A.D.i. Advertising

Time and Patience: MJ Potter-Madewell

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Earlier Recordings

Arrow Creek

Inspired by a trip to Montana

A social commentary, with songs that tell stories related to observations of a specific point of time and place. One of the subtle messages in this project is that we are not just connected to, we are a part of the natural world. The spare production highlights the beauties of sound and voice. Caroline Quine and I sing together on several songs. Bill Watson plays both upright bass and bowed bass on a few tunes. Billy Lestock plays slide octave mandolin on "Climb," while Dave Pethel provided banjo for "In The Blink Of An Eye."

There are very few CDs remaining of this production. Email steve@madewellmusic.com and order one direct from me!


Rivers and Trails

Moving water is magic.

A fishing/conservation theme explored with both humor and introspection flows through my first recording. I wrote the title song with intentions of selling it to the National Parks Service Rivers and Trails Assistance Planning program. On a whim, I entered it into a songwriting contest sponsored by VH1 and was selected as one of the top four folk songs of the month. What a hoot! Several of the songs on this have been favorably reviewed outside of fishing camps. Honest.

There are very few physical CD's remaining. Email and I will send you a CD if available!