The Steve Madewell Band

Available For Select Occassions

Steve Madewell began playing at the Trolley Stop in Dayton, Ohio, in 1979. On many occasions, Steve was joined by a long string of talented musicians which included Vance Wissinger, Astrid Socrates, Bill Baldock, and Michael Clutter. This particular line-up became the Steve Madewell Band.

As time and life continued, this group spread out. Bill now lives outside of Nashville and is touring with the Buffalo Waabs. Brian Buckley from Cincinnati has stepped in to fill Bill's slot.

Steve is east of Cleveland but routinely travels to perform. Vance, Astrid, and Michael still reside in Southwestern Ohio and work with several different musical ensembles and endeavors. When the opportunity presents itself, this band of talented players will step up to the plate to provide wonderful harmonies and engaging arrangements.

And such was the case at this recent performance in Dayton, Ohio.