Phil Madewell (solo), Madewell Music (duo), Dive Kings (ensemble) - Singer, Songwriter, Guitar Slinger

Phil Madewell is an engaging performer! It really does not matter if it is a youngster or a senior, he always manages to reach people! And that is the reason his original songs are so compelling!

Phil playing for the CCC pick nick

Drawing on a remarkable set of life experiences he has the ability to connect with people in all walks of life. Spending time as a fishing guide in Wyoming, a tree climber, crane operator, and a host of other lifestyles.

In The Saddle

He started playing guitar at 13 and has been in a variety of musical endeavors ranging from progressive rock, pop-rock,

and country, to alt-country and choral productions!

 Twilight at the Driftwood

 He performs with Steve Madewell as Madewell Music. Doing a selection of contemporary to classic and eclectic songs! 

They perform with a bass player and percussionist as the DIVE KINGS! 


  Phil and Steve at the Driftwood