1. Arrow Creek

From the recording Arrow Creek

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I wrote this song as a tribute to a visit I made to my friend Bob Hollister's place outside of Billings. I was on the road for a work trip and stopped at Bobby's on the way back from Reno. I was so jazzed up from being in Reno that I was nearly quaking when I got to Bob's. I don't care for casinos. Bob lives off the grid, and has worked hard to minimize his impact on the planet. We camped out somewhat near a place where God might have lost his shoes called Zortman. It is nearly next to nowhere. Ironically Zortman is called out in the recent book about environment tragedy called Collapse. We had a blast.


The Big Sky is all fogged in with a sweet rain falling down If I don’t have all that I need we can run to Tiger Town Your summer time has been hot and dry but that will change this week We really have nowhere to go We’re nestled down on Arrow Creek I'm mighty glad to just be here Watch the seasons change with the year There aint nowhere I'd rather be Nestled right down on Arrow Creek You got your crops all in and I just grin at the kindness from the ground We can take a walk let me clear my thoughts Watch your windmill spinning round You don't mind if the sun don't shine As long as the wind still blows Throw some wood in the stove And I won't care if this cool rain turns to snow I'm mighty glad to just be here sit back watch the seasons change in the year There aint no where I'd rather be Nestled down right here on Arrow Creek Well tomorrow we can drive up north take a two track to the lake Meet your friends take the sage lands in See what the birds can take Oh yeah Maybe I can catch a fish or two Sing some songs by the fire Me and you With the Coyotes on the hillside joining in You know I'm going to hate to see this end The cross road called Zortman Aint no kind of town To lay up with a big storm blowing down There aint nowhere I’d rather be We better head back down south to Arrow Creek Nestle right back down on Arrow Creek Wash away my blues at Arrow Creek Goin down down down on Arrow Creek Calm myself back down at Arrow Creek